What more proof do you need?

Apparently at least one more. Probably two if I’m being honest.

The proofs arrived in the post, and boy have done fucked these up. Not only have I selected the wrong book size, but my cover art doesn’t fit correctly resulting in a hideous grey border all around the edges of the volume.

Inside everything is a mess, because I had selected the wrong size, all the formatting is out of line. In sort, its a mess, and if I’m honest, it was for a brief moment completely disheartening. It was probably the first moment when it really dawned on me how much work there is still to do, even after writing is finished.

That said, I am adding another shirt story to the book, so writing technically isn’t finished. It’s come a long way in three days and I really think it will be a great addition to the book overall. However, I cant order another proof until this is finished, edited and the cover is resized for the extra (and correct) pages.

So, it’s back to work. I’ll update once the new proof comes through.

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