A Quiet 30: The Abrupt End.

Day 8 and 9. 

Day 8 and 9 saw me quite busy. Busy enough to keep me from the keyboard all day. Well, in the interest of being completely honest day 9 saw a hangover. Day 8 and 9 clocked in a massive 0 words between them. That is shocking, and honestly disappointing.

I did feel a little burned out on writing though. I have been clearing the 1000 word mark most of the week, coming close on those days I didn’t. It has been a restructure of how I use my time, especially now I cannot allow myself on social media. It has been a very heavy writing week.

A day away from it might be something I start from now on. That could be good for me.

Day 10 – 14.

Days 10 – 13 were uneventful, and I never once reached for my phone when I woke (except to turn the sodding alarm off) I feel much better in myself, I find my attention span is longer and I am able to focus more easily. I read more, I wrote more hitting my minimum word count of 500 words per day.

Day 14, where it all went pear shaped. I have been looking for work, and it turns out employers like to advertise on social media, and social media can actually be very good in terms of searching for a job. So I have decided to…finish early…come to an end…prematurely finish, there is no way I can think of wording this where I my mind doesn’t make a joke. Anyway, I am back on social media after 14 days cold turkey. I honestly think I have reshaped my habit of use, and Facebook will not be returning to my phone.

So, it was harder than I thought (one track mind today) but I can honestly say I can recommend it. It doesn’t have to be or 30 days or even 14, go a day and see how many times you reach for your phone.

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