A Quiet 30: Lucky Number Seven.

Day 5.

I grabbed my phone when I woke today. It dawned on me how long 30 days actually is. I find myself missing Reddit the most. Out of all the sites on my blacklist it is by far the most useful, but also the one in which it is easiest to get sidetracked.

Readership and views of the articles on the site has gone down. Still getting traffic but not promoting on social media has obviously had an adverse effect on my daily views. I still think it is worth it though.

Right now I’m at about 1.8k words into another short story first draft. I’m finding it easier to just grab a concept and get it down on paper…screen…you know what I mean. I’m thinking more clearly, I don’t have the same kind of mental sluggishness I had last week and before. I plan on finishing the first draft of the new story today.

Off out for an early morning walk along the canal.

That was a far longer walk than I anticipated. Knackered and at 2.4k words for the day. In itself not a bad word count, I knew Mondays 4.4k would scoof my average.

Day 6.

I began today without looking at my phone, I didn’t even force myself not too. It is now a very expensive watch, all I seem to do is check the time on it with the occasional text or phone call.

456 words this morning, all concept building around a new story that probably won’t be a part of the book I’m looking to put together. Most likely it is something for the site. Playing about with another story might not be wise with the unfinished ones sitting about but I want to get some works ready so I can use them in tandem. Let the drafts sit for a few days, work on something else, go back with fresh eyes.

Today I am looking to finish the short story draft from yesterday (which will be a part of the book) and then, depending how that goes, begin to look at editing A Door For A Home.

Up until now I haven’t thought about social media. The first day where I haven’t found myself worrying about missing something on Facebook or Twitter. Interestingly enough this is the first day where I have not used the nuke button on StayFocused. I haven’t found my hands drifting to open a new tab to check my accounts, nor have I wanted to, I have had too much to do. I guess we will see what happens if I get bored.

 Day 7.

My light bulb broke, but it is day 7 of 30 days without social media. A whole week. A long ass week. It had been surprisingly difficult to stay away, it’s only in the last day or so that my mind hasn’t wondered to what was going on with it.

Still, I find it easier to focus, proof of that is finishing the first draft of A Door For A Home, and two first drafts for entirely new short stories. I am consistently hitting above my minimum daily word count of 500 words (averaging around 1500 – 2000). So cutting out that part of my day, getting rid of those sites that, to me, enable procrastination has dramatically improved my output.

There has been a dip in readership on the site, likely caused by not promoting on social media, but it was only a 11% drop, or so my info tells me.

I honestly feel like I could come back to after just a week and that my habits would be different, but I committed to 30, so I’ll do 30. Plans for the weeks ahead are to begin the editing process on the three first drafts sitting ready and then move on to two larger stories waiting to be finished which will also be a part of the short story compilation.

So 7 down and 23 to go.

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