Blog: Social Media Detox.

Procrastination is a bitch.

It doesn’t help that we live in an age where everything is immediate. Phones used to be a point of contact, a fixed location, and now they are synonymous with a person. You can reach anyone at almost anytime, almost anywhere.

Social media has crept into my life so gradually that I almost didn’t notice. Every morning I wake up and I scroll through my phone, checking all my different social media accounts. I can waste hours doing that, hitting the refresh button over and over to watch for new posts or notification pop ups. I sit at the computer and immediately open four tabs; Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and my blog, in that order. It makes me question how much time I spend on these sites, how much time I can waste in a day looking at social media.

That is not to say I think social media is a bad thing, far from it. It is an amazing tool that we are lucky to have the benefit of, many countries severely restrict this. The internet is a wonder of the modern age, we have all this information at our fingertips, a way of connecting and communicating instantly with the world, and we waste it on refreshing our Facebook pages. Social media is a useful tool, it helps me share and promote my writing in a way that just wasn’t possible previously, but it can also be addicting.

Just about anything can be addicting, addiction is about habits as much as it is about substances. When you think of addiction your mind goes to drugs and alcohol but people can also be addicted to gambling or playing games or shopping. Addiction is rooted in what makes you feel good and it has to be admitted that social media can make us feel good.

We take a picture and share it. We watch how many likes it gets, or shares, and the more it gets, the better we feel. We feel appreciated when those little notifications pop up and your post has confirmed views, someone is paying attention to us. How many of us write a status, then rewrite and reword it to best show how witty we can be, I know I have, maybe it is just one of my conceits. There is something narcissistic in the behaviour, it’s an instant gratification, one I have found to be counter productive.

I’m looking to boost my writing output, to make good headway on projects that I have been putting further back for lack of time. So I am going to try to avoid social media for thirty days, beginning on the 6th of May until June 4th. No Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram. I will continue to upload any short stories or blogs to the site as they are finished, but I will not be sharing them through my accounts. I will remove the tabs from my browser, the apps from my phone.

I will likely keep a log of how I’m doing, if I feel it has impacted my productivity or creativity in any way. That will be posted at the end of the thirty days (If I get that far)

Lets see how this goes.

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