Blog: Only If It Has A Happy Ending.

I won’t say I hate happy endings. I won’t say I despise them. I won’t.

In truth they have their place, if they are used correctly, which I find is rare. Those are my tastes however. For me a lot of happy endings feel like a cop-out. You can say that is down to me being a person of dour disposition, but I find fairy tale endings do a disservice to the conflicts the characters go through. They often are not marked or barely changed by the events of the story which often leads to an ending of wish fulfilment. That I find often feels forced, and it detracts from the story overall.

Now you can argue that is the point of fiction and stories, but what is the point of conflict if there is no threat of loss. I’m not saying you have to be G.R.R Martin with regards to your characters lives, but yes, kill your darlings. If you make it to the end of the story and everyone is fine, what is the point? That is why there is conflict. Conflict moves the story forward and promotes character growth. You do not need a happy ending with everything tied up to have that. So long as the conflict is resolved then the story can end how you please. I personally think it makes for a better story if the characters are left wanting in some cases, but then I am often unkind to my characters. That is just my style.

Children’s stories more often than not have happy endings. We do after all have to consider their precious little feelings. This is grumpy old man Colin seeping in here. Would it be so bad to introduce the idea that the world is not fair to children. They might surprise you with what they can handle. That we don’t always get what we want and that life sometimes takes chunks from us as people. Maybe not. It could be something I can play around with at a later date.

What do you think about happy endings? Let me know in the comments below.

One thought on “Blog: Only If It Has A Happy Ending.

  1. I like a happy ending if it’s earned, when the world of the fiction seems to bend and contort to fit the wants of the protagonist that’s unsatisfying to me. A satisfying ending can be happy or sad, or more often a mixture of both. As long as its well constructed I’m happy.

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