Blog: A Questionable History.

How to remove bloodstains? What is the best way to cut up a body? Which types of UK plants can you make poison from? How much flesh can a pig actually eat?

I am 90% sure I am on at least one list somewhere, maybe more. My search history is questionable at best. I guess it is all part of the gig though, one moment I am happily typing away and the next I am twelve tabs deep in a search for authentic torture techniques from Africa.

It may even begin innocently enough, a quick google search for the sake of accuracy and an hour later I’m researching three different types of dead currency, the actual poundage on a Mongolian recurve bow and a type of Brazilian cake. It’s a rabbit hole.

It also detracts from the writing. Having the internet hooked up to the machine you are writing on can seriously lead to procrastination. Some of us are more prone to it than others however. Whilst accuracy will always be needed in writing, you cannot let the research take over the act of writing. I’m not immune to this. There have been many times when I have spent much more time actually worldbuilding and making sure everything is just right instead of focusing on the writing itself.

A lot of the time this effort and all the detail in the background never make it to paper, but it shows in the quality of the world we create. Just don’t forget the picture for building the easel.

You may happen across me debating the best murder weapon, hammer, screwdriver or good old fashioned tin of beans in a pillow case. Try to not to think too badly of me, and if I ever ask you to delete my search history…its not what you think.

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