Blog: Bloomin’ Faeries.

It’s 7:24 am and I have been awake all night.

I had an idea to expand upon one of the short stories I have already written and posted on this site, Faerie Tale. I haven’t worked out all the particulars yet, it’s very late for me and my brain is moving in directions I can’t control. I want to explore the idea of a mature, creepy fairy tale. It really isn’t that difficult to find inspiration or material as folk tales lean towards the grim and the unpleasant.

I don’t know if it will be a continuation of the short story, a re-imaging of the story or simply take inspiration from it. It does occur to me that if I do this then I will have two very different kinds of fairy tales in the works. The more mature Fae realm story and what I call in my head the “Other Creatures” stories which are aimed at a much younger audience. I actually like the idea. On one hand I can craft stories that I hope will fire the imagination of young readers and deliver the idea that there is magic right outside your door. The stories within the “Other Creature” universe will naturally be more vibrant and endearing, looking at mythical creatures and creatures from folklore in an entertaining light. Goblins for one I’d like to free from their malaise of evil cannon fodder label.

On the other hand we have the Fae/Faerie realm story. Not the title I’m going with, I’m still working on the idea. Early days, but a look at the more traditional folk stories of faeries and other beings. They were often told as warnings, and that is something that should hold true in the telling. Not grim for the sake of being grim, but for the sake of being true to the theme of the origins. It’s fun to creep myself out thinking about it.

However, will having the two cause them to be derivative of each other? I don’t know. That  is something that would come in the telling. I wouldn’t think so being as I am acutely aware of it being an issue. Could they colour each other? Again I would hope not though it would be interesting to see two takes on the same creature from the same writer.

It’s 7:44 am and I need to sleep.

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